Poem: Dearly Departed


Following is a poem I wrote when I was at a good place in my life and had been through some very low times. It is the first one I ever wrote about 10 years ago in 2003. I have never shared it publicly as it was very personal to me. I am sharing it now. Here goes, without further ado:

I use to be your best friend, nothing could tear us apart,

But now it’s time I end it, and so I must depart.

I’m happier than you could ever know that we’re splitting up,

Because we were never meant to be together, not the two of us.

You’re not a match for anybody, that I can’t deny,

Because you’re full of hate, full of evil, and you’ll also try,

To kill the peace and kill the love in any person’s heart.

Since I found this out about you, I know I need a new start.

I need a new beginning, one all by myself.

I’ll let the dust gather on you after I put you up on the shelf.

There you’ll stay forever, or at least until I’m gone,

Never to be known by me again; I dare you prove me wrong.

For if we ever meet each other, I’ll act like I don’t know you,

Right now I’m just telling you, but I’m sure I’ll have to show you.

I hate you so much with all of my soul, the feeling is beyond expression,

And now that we’re through forever I ask of you only one question:

Who will be next?


Bryan Keith Tresenriter – 2003


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