Our Support Systems


Support systems are important. You may be wondering what kind of support systems I am talking about. Well, I’m talking about people of course. What kind of support system do you have in your life?

What a crazy thing, life is. It can be the most glorious and awesome thing at one moment and then literally turn into a nightmare in the blink of an eye. Why is that?

I dunno, and who cares. I was once told by a man who I revere very much that the two answers to the question “why” are “Why not,” and “So what, now what?” I like that.

So, back to support systems or support networks. Well, really I am talking about anything that you or anyone chooses to do to get themselves through a rough time or traumatic event. I am so fortunate that I have a great support network as all people should. Mine is simple and consists of my mother, a few select friends, God, and some other groups.

First and foremost in my life is God. I go to him often. In fact, I go to God every morning whether I’m doing well or not, whether I’m happy or sad. I know, in my belief at least, that God is the foundation of all. He is the sustainer of all of creation and nothing could happen outside of Him. That being said, I definitely think and feel that He is a good Source to go to when I need someone to lean on. I go to Him also when I am needing some insight on something that is going on in my life. That, in my opinion, is a great form of support! Having God in your life as a form of support reminds me a lot of that poem called “Footprints,” which I love very much.

Family and friends are also a very good support network to have. Everyone needs people that they can go to bounce ideas off and to vent if necessary. I am so fortunate that I have both family and friends that care enough about me and that I care enough about to share my problems with and they will always be there for me to hold my hand, figuratively of course, through those tough times. Most of my friends I have known for about 25 years or longer. There are several friends in my life currently that I feel like if I took my most serious problems to, they would be there for me and listen to every word I spoke and then give me some very wise counsel if asked for it. That is a true friend and I am very grateful that I have a few of those in my life. They have been there for me in the very roughest of times and never judged me or talked down on me because of bad choices I had made and always were the ones to see the true me and share with me words of encouragement.

792-old-friendI’ve been blessed to have a very special person in my life recently as well that has been there for me and has helped me to see a side of myself that I either did not know existed or had forgotten I had. I love her for that. We have been spending a lot of time speaking and it seems as though we never tire of each other and I feel like I could tell her anything. I am very fortunate for this and have honestly been led to believe that God has brought her in my life for a reason.

068There are other types of support that can be utilized as well in one’s life. These can be Church, 12 step groups if you are battling any type of addiction, volunteer groups that you can connect with that will help you to feel as though you are giving back to the community or the world, all types of networking groups that will allow you to meet people with similar interests as your own, and many others. I myself have been a part of at least a few of these different types of support groups as well and can say from first hand experience that they work. It works if you work it.

Anyways, it all comes down to how you release negativity or troubling times and feelings that arise within you or in your life. If you do not have anybody that you can go to in times of need or any group that you can be a part of to help you to feel as though you are contributing to something, then seek one out. They are everywhere. It is dangerous to rely solely on yourself  to get you through the bad stuff. Just ask me, cause I definitely would know. I would always seek the wrong way to vent instead of finding someone to share my dilemmas with. They say, “Sorrow shared is sorrow halved, and joy shared is joy doubled.”

Until Pen Meets Paper (or in my case, fingers meet keyboard),

phoenixBryan Keith Tresenriter

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