Patience Truly Is A Virtue!


Why is patience a virtue? That’s what “they” say anyways. And who is “they” that says all these things. Are “they” trustworthy? I guess so because many people seem to quote what “they” say. I digress and I haven’t even begun. ADHD at its finest, lol.

Anyways in my opinion, patience truly IS a virtue! I have never liked this quote growing up and even less so have I ever followed “their” advice. Nonetheless, it is a virtue that I should have learned or acquired a long time ago. The reason I now feel that patience truly is a virtue is because when you think about it, there really isn’t much of a reason to stress over something. I once read in a book a long time ago that the time to worry about an outcome is before you have made your decision, before you have rolled the dice per say. This is because once the die is cast, there is nothing you can do about it and the chips are going to fall where they may. The time to analyze the situation and decide if the choice you are about to make is the right one is in the beginning prior to the choice being made.

patienceAnyways, life unfolds just as it will and there is no amount of worry, stress, impatience, or none the like that will change what the outcome shall be. It is going to happen just the way it is going to happen. Time flows in a linear fashion going from past to present to future. It travels at a constant speed, unless of course you happen to be traveling at a higher rate of speed, which Einstein was so intelligent to find out and explain in his Theory of Relativity.

When we are constantly wanting something to happen quicker or we can’t wait for the future to unfold, it is saying something about the way we are looking at and feeling about our present. I shouldn’t have to tell you that it isn’t a good thing. It says that we are not happy with the status quo or the way we or things are in the present moment because we are so urgently wanting to get out of this moment and into the next, even though we are never certain what that moment will bring.

My new thought about it all is that I should learn to start embracing the moment and cherishing it for what it is, the moment. The only moment that exists and ever will exist. The future is a figment of our imagination and the past is a memory, so why do we seem to spend so much time in both instead of the present? Your guess is as good as mine, and mine isn’t an educated one to say the least.

I know that the older I get, the faster time seems to travel and unfold so I should start enjoying the moment that I am living in and see the fullness and richness in it. I should stop to smell the flowers as “they” say.

When you think about it, our lives are simply made up of a bunch of single moments all tied into one long string of events that seems to be in motion. I think it is more like a film, where there are a bunch of single moment “shots” that when put in front of the light of our consciousness, makes a life that seems to be always moving.

The bottom line is in each moment is the fruit of life and I should live it more fully and not take it for granted. I should like or love everything that life brings me because it truly could be the last moment that I am alive on this beautiful Earth.

Thank You For Letting Me Share,

Bryan Keith Tresenriter 


2 thoughts on “Patience Truly Is A Virtue!

  1. That was such a good blog Bryan. It is true what you said, for me anyways, I tend to put too much emphasis on the future and forget to live in the moment and to treasure what I have right now. I need to stop worrying about what could happen and live for the day.

    Thank you for the inspiration…


    1. Your very welcome Pam. Thank you for what you said because I hear how it resonated within you, it helps me to come to greater understandings of what I myself wrote.

      It is something that most of us do on a regular basis (Escape from the moment to live in the future or the past), but that doesn’t make it right. I hope I see you acheiving everything you set out to acheive and hope you become the great woman that I know you to be. Hope your day is full of Joy!


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