Lessons Learned?

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As I face fears and unwanted situations, it sometimes causes me to wonder why they manifest in my life. Why do I keep having to face fears that I harbor, and why do unwanted situations and circumstances keep appearing in my life?

Over the years I have heard many beliefs and theories on the subject, and have thus formed my own conclusion. Sigmund Freud’s protégé, Carl Jung, wrote in his book “The Structure of The Psyche,” about his theory on “archetypes.” He believed that these “archetypes” are models of people, behaviors, or personalities. He also believed these “archetypes” existed in what is now known as the “collective unconscious.” Jung believed that this part of the psyche served as a form of psychological inheritance. It contains all of
the knowledge and experiences we share as a species. I further learned that we have what would be called our “public self,” as well as our “private self.” When there is an aspect of our total self that we suppress, as in a fear of speaking in public, we unconsciously bring people, situations, and circumstances, into our lives to help us face or overcome that fear that we continually hide.

I think of the different people in my life, and I look at what type of relationship we share. I try to understand what the purpose is for their being in my life. What are they there to help me to overcome? Is that too talkative person I have to listen to every day there to help me to become more patient? Is that same homeless person I walk by every day that begs for money helping me learn compassion and kindness? What about selflessness?

Are the situations and circumstances surrounding my life there to help me overcome some deep-seated fear? As mentioned above, if I keep being put in awkward situations where I am asked to speak in front of a group of people, could this be because public speaking or having the spotlight on me is a major fear of mine? I believe so.

I believe that when you look at your life, you will see that everything happens for a reason and usually to teach you a lesson or help you to grow. For instance, I used to have a problem with telling someone “no”. I started to see manifest in my life, many opportunities where I could choose to answer either “yes” or “no.” If I choose to say yes and allow this person to walk all over me, that same situation will continue to manifest itself in my day-to-day life. If however, I learn to say “no” to that person who is asking me for a favor or for me to inconvenience myself at their expense, I will begin to free myself of that fear. They say the only way to get over something is to go through it.

So take a look at what you keep having to face that makes you uncomfortable in any way. Are you being given opportunities to practice and therefore overcome impatience, selfishness, intolerance, anger, etc…? So, try not to take these people and circumstances as “bad” or undesirable. Instead, look at them as gifts, opportunities, and agents of change. They are there for a reason and a good one at that. As it is said in the Bible, “I have sent you nothing but Angels.”

One thought on “Lessons Learned?

  1. I wrote a response to your inspirational blog but I’m not sure if it was sent or not. In a nut shell I am grateful that opening myself to send out a friend request to you has given me an opportunity to meet a person that after only 12 hours of meeting you has given me a profound example of why it is essential to put myself out there which is a huge fear for me. Thank you for being you and without you knowing it helping me to continue trying new things! You rock and I am so greatful that you accepted my friend request! Jenny


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