Change Is The Only ‘Constant’

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Throughout time there has been much debating among physicists and other scientist as to what are the (if any) constants in the known universe. To give you a quick definition as to what I mean by a “constant,” it says it’s “a situation or state of affairs that does not change.” That means no matter what, it does not, will not, and can not change, no matter what perspective you’re looking at it from, or what your beliefs are on it.

Wikipedia has this to say on “Physical Constants“. “There are many physical constants in science, some of the most widely recognized being the speed of light in vacuum c, the gravitational constant G, Planck’s constant h, the electric constant ε0, and the elementary charge e.” These have also been debated among some of the brightest minds of our time, including Einstein of course, where in his “Special Theory of Relativity,” he went on to challenge some of these, esp. the fact that light may not truly be a constant, because it is relative to whether you are the observed or the observer.

Anywho, before I lose everyone (sorry), I wanted to make a claim that I have also heard about this thing we call “constants.” What I heard and have always liked and very much agreed with. It is this: The only true constant in the universe (meaning it is the only thing that can not and won’t ever change) is the fact that everything always changes. Another way to put it is this: The only thing that never changes is the fact that everything always changes. Nothing is static. Nothing remains the same. Every day is a new day and you are not the person you were even at the time that you began reading this blog, let alone the person you were yesterday or yesteryear.

There is another very important and touching (to me) saying I heard in a meeting way back in the day. It’s pretty much common sense (if there is such a thing). And it is this: If nothing changes, nothing changes. Can we all agree on that? The follow up on that is the fact that if you do not do something different, you will always get the same result. Duh, right? But how often do we actually realize that and make it self-evident in our day-to-day actions? We keep doing the same thing and yet expect a diferent result for some unknown reason. In certain circles this is called ‘insanity.” Because it is pretty insane to keep doing something the same way over and over and yet you feel like one of those times or the next time you do it the same way, it is going to end up differently. How naive can we, I myself very much included, be?

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It brings me to the point of this article. There are many things in my life that need to change. I keep talking about it, which is so very easy to do, but for some reason cannot always seem to actually take the necessary steps to alter or change the thing or things that I say I want to change. Which of course puts me in that little “insanity” bucket.

So, I am making a vow to each and every one of you reading this article now and most importantly to myself. I am making the changes that I keep saying I am going to make. Although I have not shared with every one of you what those are, I will let you in on one of them. My Spirituality. I Will regain that relationship with God that I once had. Part of how I used to do that and will begin doing it again, is to continue to wake up earlier and meditate, pray, and get in the Bible or any other positive, motivating and helpful books. If you have not woke up when the sun comes up or shortly thereafter to just be able to take your time in the morning and not have to rush, that alone changes so much and is so beneficial to you, bodily, mentally, and spiritually.

I posted a quote on Facebook today from Brian Tracy (one of my favorite authors and motivation/self-help author and teacher) that said, “Your willingness to do whatever you need to do, pay whatever price is required, go whatever distance is necessary, and make whatever sacrifice is demanded is the measure of how badly you really want your goal.” It’s like I’ve always said, in the end you will always do what you truly want to do. If you take an action (outside of a gun being put to your head), it’s because you Chose to, and for no other reason.

A lot of what I am speaking of in this blog directly ties into one of my other more recent blogs about every action you take getting you closer to or further away from your goal/s.

I just felt like getting off my chest where I’m at in life right now and maybe by putting this in writing, I might be able to get that motivation that I so desperetly need to get going on the new life and the new Bryan that I am aiming for. Because if nothing changes, nothing changes. So, what am I going to do each day to get me closer to my new life? That’s where goal setting comes into play, and may be the next blog I write about.

What do you want for yourself today? What can you change to get you closer to the you that you really want to become or know your worth? Do you feel that you are truly unleashing all of your potential and doing all you can to be the best you that you can be. I bet the answer for everyone reading this is a resounding “no.” So, what are you going to change today to help get you there? The choice is all yours and always will be. No one can do it for you. It all begins with you…

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