The Author: Bryan Tresenriter

Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy what you read on this site, and I thank you for coming and spending your time with me.

I have always been into writing since an early age, just never knew it was something that I had a passion for until recently.


Bryan’s Thoughts was created to express thoughts and ideas as they come to me. It could be for a reason as simple as therapy for my soul and/or mind. It could be so that I may challenge myself to create something beautiful and inspiring from nothing. It could also be used to try and reach that person that is searching for an answer to a problem or just needs some direction in life.

I am a very humble person and do not need much to be happy. I don’t place much importance on those “things” for they are not what is real or true in life.

Please read my posts and give me honest, thought-provoking feedback as to what you think about what was said, what you would have added to it, or what you would have left out. I truly appreciate and welcome all comments on my site.

I wish everyone a truly blessed journey that is laid out before them and hope that all create for themselves the life that they say they want.


Bryan Tresenriter

Contact Information:

Bryan Tresenriter

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